Write for Rights

I've been a member of Amnesty International for years and when the magazine came this morning it reminded me that I hadn't written any letters in a shamefully long time. I decided there and then to write concerning the four prisoners of conscience listed on the double page spread.

It is important for us Christians to work with God in seeking out justice for the oppressed, helping the captive to be set free and in showing compassion to those in need. If you have never written a letter of support to a prisoner or a letter advocating for them to a goverment official I urge you to visit the Amnesty International website to discover more about how we can each make a stand for those in need of a voice to speak out for them.

In many countries things as simple as criticizing the government's policies and practices on social media can land you in jail. In this country we are blessed not to be locked up for the same thing- I suspect prisons would be overflowing if it were the case!

I ask that you consider writing for rights soon.

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