What sound does a slug make?

Fr Adam leans into the compost bin to get a closer look
Lost the plot?

Coming back in from the garden Jess showed me this picture that she'd snapped from the window of me investigating the contents of the compost bin. She'd sent it to her mum with the caption 'Is this normal behaviour?' The cheek!

Since being blessed with a garden I've enjoyed putting things in the compost bin: I sometimes think it's a TARDIS as no matter how much I put in it never gets full up! In reality of course the material that goes in is eaten by insects and broken down by bacteria and fungi and in many ways it's a miracle far greater than the famous blue police box could ever be.

Whilst Jess was impersonating a paparraza and catching me in a compromising position from afar I was in fact listening to a slug grazing noisily on a cabbage leaf. I'd never heard one eating before and there was something captivating about it- each bite accompanied by a scraping crunch. Watching this much maligned creature grazing, as fruit flies hovered about and ants marched through the detritus, I was reminded of the wonder of our planet. Each living being connected to every other through an ever increasingly complex web of life.

We Christians, like people of other faiths or none, can often become desensitised to creation as we focus on ourselves, our immediate surroundings and on the screens around us. Yet we are embodied creatures, made to exist in the world not apart from it.

As rational creatures we humans are capable of being a blessing or a curse on the world. So often it seems we choose our own comfort and wealth over the well-being of the planet; none of us can deny the terrible impact that we have had in the last century. Yet we are called to work with God to nurture and protect the world around us. Our choices matter, politically we can put pressure on politicians, as consumers we can affect changes in big business and in our homes do small things which collectively have big impacts. This week think about the things that you might begin to do differently in your life to help the environment, I really recommend getting a compost bin!

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